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What is Wireframing?

Ideation and confirmation of basic requirements, as well as user specific features.

UI Wireframing provides a prototype sketch of the system to be built. This sketch is meant to present a simple and clear picture. Everyone can read and understand it easily. The wireframe will only show essential information on the screen. It will not show the full details.

Benefits of wireframing:

  • Easy to draw: Generally, wireframing has a simple and clean layout. It only contains simple screen elements. It does not contain any detailed styling, or formats.
  • Easy to Comprehend: A Wireframe is generally always welcomed by the development team, as well as the business people. It is simple enough for everyone to understand without institutionalized learning.
  • Easy to Adjust: You never need any programming knowledge to visualize new design ideas. Creativity can inspire in any form, shape and idea.


Building the UI Wireframing architecture, and supporting breathtaking apps.


A wireframe always carries a simple layout for an app.

User Experience Strategy

User experience is a basic indicator of successful design.

UI Testing

Testing and evaluation of how easy a website is to use.


UI Wireframing is commonly utilized to lay out content and functionality on a page. It considers user needs, user preference, and user requirement.

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