Testing Services comprise of one of the most important stages in Development. It requires years of experience and skill.


We follow this process for automation and manual testing
Requirements Analysis
Test Design & Planning
Test Case Development
Test Jobs Execution
Test Process Closure


At SANI IT-CONSULTANT, we have vast experience in building and testing for countless platforms.


There are many challenges in manual software application testing services. Human mistakes can occur, retests can take a lot of time and software releases can face multiple delays. Our automation testing services are specifically designed to meet these challenges and surpass them. Writing even a single line of code becomes unnecessary in automated testing. Every manual process is automatically taken care of; such as server maintenance, periodic backups, and security.

About Test Automation

Automated Testing Services make use of special software tools for testing purposes. These tools control execution of the testing phase and make comparisons between actual and predicted results. The testing is done completely automated. There is little to no intervention required from the test engineer.

There are many advantages of automated testing services, such as;

  • Less expenditure of time and resources
  • Increased efficiency
  • Much better accuracy than manual testing
  • Lack of human errors
  • Simultaneous coverage of multiple test scenarios
  • Quick detection and correction of bugs, or errors

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