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Test Automation

Our highly qualified test automation engineers use their experience in automated UI, API, performance testing. They make use of only trusted test automation tools empowering businesses. They accelerate releases while, increasing regression testing coverage. Finding more defects before production is crucial for them.

About Test Automation

Test automation services require implementation of many testing and around-testing components. Everything, from test automation planning and tool selection, to construction and maintenance of a test automation environment, is included. An Automated test data preparation, design, and maintenance of all kinds of automated test scripts, and much more.

What We Do?

Taking a Developer Centric Test Automation Approach

Test Job Development

Beginning the tests with account software requirements, development, Q&A, and execution. Building a holistic test automation strategy, or a complete test strategy with test automation road map core.

User Action Testing

Planning and designing test cases. Writing and maintaining scripts for robust development. Performing reliable automated checks of new features, and regression testing, via UI.

Automation Environment

Preparing right test environment to efficiently run test cases for all required platforms, devices and browsers. Ensuring appropriate resource monitoring.

Test Data Analysis

Testing and analyzing the raw data to form, and draw meaningful conclusions. Shaping the high-level quantitative data into something understandable and efficient.

Our Service Features

At SANI IT-CONSULTANT, we represent and absolute mastery and expertise in everything related to test automation and services;

Efficiently designed job testing Workflow.
Reusable test jobs, procedures, and processes.
API development and testing and deployment.
Testing data collection, and management.

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