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At Sani IT Consultant, you can gain a professionally developed and remarkably Responsive Web Design. It will be compatible with all common platforms and display devices. Your website will gain exponential amount of traffic when it can be accessed from any device. We can further work to turn mere leads into buying customers. Our Marketing Services go hand-in-hand with Web Development Services


Thoroughly Amaze The Visitors At Your Website
Gain a Substantial Raise in Your Leads
Turn Mere Leads Into Paying Customers

The Many Reasons Our Clients Come Back Again;
Minimal Effort

Upgrade your Responsive Website with minimal effort and only a few clicks.

Smooth User Experience

The Responsive Web Design delivers a smooth and friendly user experience on all devices.

User-Friendly Website

The Responsive Website can be accessed on any display screen, thus ensuring friendly user experience.

Mobile Segment

Make appropriate changes to the Responsive Web Design through Mobile Segment.

FrontendTechnology Expertise

Our expertise extends to every major Front-End Toolkit and Technology Stack

AngularJS Technology

AngularJS provides a structural framework for dynamic web applications. It allows you to use HTML as a template language. It can even let you extend HTML’s syntax. Thereby, allowing you to express your application components clearly. It has a data binding and dependency injection. As such, it eliminates majority of the code writing. AngularJS is operated within the browser. That’s what makes it the ideal partner with any server technology.


Sencha Touch allows the Mobile Developers to create cross-platform apps. This quick and easy development uses a single code base. Applications designed through Sencha Touch are very flexible in their sensitivity to touch events. We have experienced Sencha Touch developers who can deliver high-quality and cost- effective mobile applications.

Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap is an open-source front-end CSS framework. It can provide support creating dynamic websites and web applications. Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end frameworks for Mobile-First Web Development. It supports every major web browser and allows rapid loading Responsive Web Design pages. Its compatibility extends to all the latest version browsers; such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari


Ember.JS is an opinionated framework. It shortens the time spent on deciding what the best code architecture is. New developers can join existing Ember.JS projects much faster if they are familiar with the Ember.JS conventions. They will not have to spend additional time to gain familiarity with the codebase. It allows writing common functionality in an app by reusing add-ons from the community.


Knockout.JS is a standalone JavaScript framework for Responsive Web Application Development. It is a JavaScript library. It allows binding HTML elements against any kind of data model. It can be used in development of rich and responsive display. It can even develop editor user interfaces with a clean data model. Knockout.JS is designed to work with all forms of client-side or server-side technologies.

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