At Sani IT Consultant, we provide a host of application Performance Testing Services. These services are aimed at helping you test the limits and cleaning out the bugs from your applications. We help all kinds of businesses; ranging from mere Startups, to fully established Enterprises. We work to maximize their cloud and web performance. Finally, we provide solutions to improve the performance, and efficiency in lacking areas.

What is Performance

Performance testing refers to an assessment of varying sets of functional skills or abilities. Performance testing is very popular, and necessary in the computer software / hardware industry.

Software testing consists of many unique and special stages. Performance testing, load testing, stress testing, etc. may sound the same, but they are not. These terms are often misunderstood and mistakenly interpreted as the same concepts.

Why Performance Testing
is Necessary?

A successful performance testing will highlight most of the performance issues. These issues could arise in database, network, software, hardware, etc. The main goal of performance testing also includes establishment of the benchmark behaviour of the system.

Performance testing is sometimes regarded as the poor, neglected cousin of functional and operational acceptance testing (OAT). OAT is well understood. Additionally, it has a high maturity level in most business organizations.

Types of Performance Testing

Load Testing

It is a form of performance testing. It evaluates the behaviour of a system with consistently increasing workload.

Volume Testing

Volume testing evaluates the behaviour of a system at, or beyond the limits of its anticipated workload.

Capacity Testing

It is performed to test if the application and environment can handle the amount of traffic according to its design.

Stress Testing

Stress Performance is crucial in testing if a system can perform at, or beyond the limits of its anticipated workload.

Soak Testing

It falls under load tests. Soak Testing evaluates the ability to simulate peak loads, as opposed to average ones.

Component Testing

Every software is made of countless components, or modules. Component testing evaluates a specific module, or program.

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