Know how to send direct messages on Instagram via computer

Know how to send direct messages on Instagram via computer


Instagram Marketing: Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, and it’s a great way for friends and family to connect and share photos. Another great feature Instagram has is Direct Messaging, which allows users to chat with each other, without the eyes of other people.

When you think of Instagram, you often associate it with mobile devices or tablets. However, what if you desperately need to answer someone’s DM and you don’t have your smartphone. Of course, do not despair if this happens to you. If you need to use Instagram very quickly and you only have a laptop or computer with you, there is another way to get Direct Messages.

Different Ways to Get Instagram Messages Online – Instagram Marketing

In this article, we will teach you four different ways to use Instagram via PC in case you are under stress. These methods are simple, and most importantly, free to use.

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Download the Instagram app

Instagram is one of the biggest leagues when it comes to social media popularity, so it’s only natural that it has a downloadable Windows and macOS app. After all, popular sites like this need access to all platforms, and that includes computers and laptops. Another way to check your Instagram DM in an emergency is to download this app to your device store.

In this case, we will be using a Windows computer. To start downloading the app, go to the Windows Store, which you can access via the Start Menu. From there, type on Instagram in the search function, located on the upper right side of the screen. When all the suggested apps download, check out the appropriate Instagram app you want to download.

Exactly how to proceed from there because all you have to do is click the download or find button. After that, you can use the app and use Instagram like you Normally do.

Try Android Emulators

If, for some reason, you do not want to download the Instagram app on your PC or laptop and you do not have an Android device near you, why not try downloading and using the Android Virtual Machine (VM), also known as the Emulator for Android? With this app, you can use the Android device simulation window and it lets you download Android apps and games with it.

There are many apps that you can download, such as Bluestacks and Nox Player. These are the two most popular Android emulators out there. Using your optional emulator, simply search for Instagram in the Google Play Store selected and download the app as usual. You’ll be able to access Instagram (and your DMs) on your PC once the app has been successfully downloaded.

Check out third-party software

If you are willing to try third-party apps that have nothing to do with Instagram developers, then apps like the IG DM program might be a good way to try. It works just as you would expect Instagram to happen, but it also offers functionality and features that you might be interested in. What makes it different from other Instagram apps, however, is that it focuses heavily on the social messaging feature of social media.

Use Google Chrome Instagram Extension

There’s almost a Chrome extension for everything, so it’s no surprise that there are Instagram numbers. These extensions are easy because, with just a few clicks of the mouse, you are granted access to Instagram through a small window in your browser. If you choose this option, just take a look at the various Instagram extensions available in Chrome Webstore. Then when you find it that suits your needs, install it in your browser and you should be fine to go.

The conclusion

While most of us cannot live without our phones, it will not help us sometimes to forget our smartphones at home or leave them elsewhere by accident. If this happens, you can easily relax knowing that you can still connect with your Instagram followers through these apps.

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