Five successful ways to use Facebook for marketing

Five successful ways to use Facebook for marketing

Five successful ways to use Facebook for marketing

Facebook is a prominent site for not only social connections in the social circle but also a business venue. It provides an opportunity for direct interaction with customers and self-promotion. Here are some successful ways to use Facebook for marketing. It does not matter that your businesses are small or large; it is a platform to stay connected with customers, develop brand identity and increase your reach.

Here are five easy and successful ways to use Facebook for marketing:

  • Facebook Business page
  • Classic Facebook advertisement strategy
  • Engaging the community by hosting Facebook contest
  • Promoted Post on Facebook
  • Sponsored Facebook Stories

Let’s understand each point step by step:

Facebook Business Page

Facebook page is a free marketing business tool. It enables the business to create a self-identity through posts, images, customized content, and link sharing. The Facebook business page gives an identity to your brand and views the human side. So your strategies must be according to your targeted customers and focused market. Give special attention while creating the following ingredients of Facebook Business page:

  • Content: Word selection, tone of writing, and selection of appropriate topic are very important.
  • Images: Images stay longer than words. Images are easy to imprint in the mind. So selection must be done carefully.
  • Graphics: Graphics being used on Facebook page holds great importance. Their color scheme, design, and pattern play a key role in portraying an image of your brand.
  • Videos: Videos are dynamic visuals. And are significant in displaying the brand message.

All the content, images, graphics, and visuals must be attractive for those particular audiences. It must be catchy, and enjoyable for your customers.

Classic Facebook Advertisement strategy

Facebook offers its own kind of advertisement. These ads usually appear on the side columns of the Facebook site and are referred to as Marketplace Ads. They consist of a headline with copy, an image, and a click-through link that is connected to either a Facebook page, any app, or website. Facebook’s marketing strategy can help any business to increase likes, clicks, or community engagement.

Following key points must be noted for successful results from Classic Facebook advertisement strategy:

  1. Demographic segregation of population using Facebook user data on age, location, education, and interests.
  2. Ad budgets must be designed.
  3. Ad performance measurement tools must be used.
  4. Ad testing should be done to check the ability of multiple ad versions to run simultaneously.
  5. For local businesses, the local community must be targeted.

Increasing likes using Facebook advertisements give long-term benefits. Once the page is liked by the users, they will become followers and all updates of your page will appear regularly on their Facebook news feed. It will increase user interaction, brand identity, and the development of loyal customers.

Engaging the community by Hosting Facebook Contests

Hosting Facebook Contests increases community engagement and brand awareness. While conducting a Facebook contest, be aware that you cannot host a direct contest on Facebook but need some paid or unpaid apps for this purpose.

Promoted posts on Facebook:

Promoted Facebook posts are created by paying a fixed rate and increasing the reach of the post to a certain number of users.

Sponsored Facebook stories:

Sponsored Facebook stories are a type of word-of-mouth marketing strategy. The content shown in stories tries to incline the viewers. If three of your friends have liked a certain page, you will surely get attracted. Sponsored stories are the only format available on mobile devices. For example, if your friend has played some game, it will appear on your newsfeed with an invite to challenge them or play with them or anything similar.

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