2021 Best Strategies Of Instagram Marketing

2021 Best Strategies Of Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a personalized application that enables sharing of pictures, thoughts, comments on your content as well as on your friend’s content. Once you post any content it will be visible on your friend feed and you can also see friend’s content. Moreover private message communication can be done with people you follow and also the ones you don’t follow. Saving and sharing pictures and videos can be done. Instagram now allows linking your account to Gmail and Facebook accounts so allowing your Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram. Posting a video on Instagram is as easy s posting a picture so you can enjoy this feature also.

Is Instagram a suitable place for Business Marketing?

Yes, it is a very effective platform for Instagram Marketing because of these reasons.

  • Presence of Greater Number of users: Instagram holds 800 million active accounts monthly, and almost 60 million photos, and 1.6 billion likes daily. Daily each user spends an average of 8 minutes on the app and almost 500 million stories are posted daily. These figures show that its an attractive place for a marketer


  • Instagram earns more Ad revenue than Facebook: Instagram generates more Ad revenue than Facebook and these figures are expected to increase in 2021.

Here are some Best and Practical methods of Instagram marketing in 2021

  1. Use of Business Profile App is better than personal profile:

If you are planning to start any business marketing on Instagram, immediately switch to your Instagram Business account.

This switching is very easy from your current profile to a business account. Just open the setting, click on “SWITCH TO BUSINESS PROFILE” and you are done.

This business profile account is very beneficial for Instagram marketers.

Your followers can contact you through the contact button of your Instagram page just like that of website


  1. Instagram free marketing tools make things easy:

Just like Facebook business profiles, Instagram business profiles also offer many free tools of different types. Like you can view insights and statistics and can monitor the impressions, engagements, and content engagement.

These tools are so wonderful that you can access the demographics of your followers including their age, gender, location, and their active hours.

Along with generalized information, you can have deep and specific insights for example number of impressions earned by each post of every week, and your top posts.

Free tools are so friendly giving you an understanding of your user interaction and content. In this way, you can know how users are interacting with your posts and can adjust your work accordingly.


  1. Product teaser posting will gather more users:

Posting the product teasers on Instagram will increase sales. Posting a product teaser is not only an easy way to increase sales but also increasing followers.

You can offer a discount to the users who buy the product using your link. Many famous brands like Starbucks are using this strategy. By showing teasers you just tease people and don’t push them to buy your product. It will be a trigger in itself. If they don’t buy the product, they will get engaged by just liking, commenting, and sharing.

So posting the teasers on Instagram is a good marketing strategy and can help you to gain some sponsored Ads.


  1. Using Instagram Stories as a marketing tool:

Instagram stories are a great source of lead generation. They differ from regular Instagram posts as they appear in a slideshow and stay live for 24 hours only. Although they can be saved and can be reused just like Snapchat Stories.

There are many benefits of Instagram stories:

  • They are displayed at the position where followers look daily and can easily click to watch.
  • Brands can use behind-the-scenes capture to put as stories as they don’t demand high quality just like regular posts.
  • You don’t need to get worried about the aesthetics of the story content.
  • Experimentation with story content posting is easy. Instagram allows you to have different experiments with the content of stories before finalizing. You can post photos, short videos, rewind videos, live videos, etc.
  • Other Instagram accounts can be tagged in stories.
  • The use of face filters, text, stickers, etc. makes it easy to edit images and to create funny visuals.
  • All business accounts can add an unlimited number of photos to stories.
  • Instagram stories are available only at the app and you cant send them in messages.
  1. Sponsored Ad Creation:

Sponsored Instagram ads can be created easily in a customized way as per your budget using the Carousel feature.

Instagram Marketing with sponsored ads can be done on targeted audiences

Content of sponsored ads must be attractive and appealing to the targeted customers. Your existing posts can be turned to sponsored ads. So check your high-performance posts.

Different content of Instagram posts can be customized targeted to different customers. For example photos, videos, stories, etc.

By using these practical ways you can successfully do Instagram marketing. For advanced methods do check the latest techniques of Instagram marketing in 2021.


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