Technology Strategy Consulting

The overall technology strategy consulting creates a technical execution strategy required for *correct* and *sound* implementation of the product. Technology Consulting must be in sync with the end client's overall business and strategic goals. At SANI IT-CONSULTANT, we do sound technology strategy consulting which involves the following activities:

Business --> Technical Interface (The Translator)

Technical Product Specification

  1. Understand the business Vision - Get to know the business use-case, the target audience and the end goal of the product. Understand and think through all features from a user's stand point. Understand and ask questions on the client's business plan.
  2. Suggest the right technology on basis of client's budget, timelines and requirements.
  3. Conduct detailed Technical Feasibility Analysis
  4. Phased wise technical execution - Divide the features wish-list into phases. Plan for beta or phase 1 launch which should include a practical subset of fill features-list. The goal is to go-ahead with a phase 1 launch which is not an Over-Kill in terms of features but which also gives value addition as compared to competition.
  5. Creating a module wise distribution and implementation schedule for delivery.

Technical Product Specification

  1. Advise on latest IT trends and best practices.
  2. Competitor Benchmarking - Study and analyse competition sites, mobile apps. Extract pros and cons.
  3. Select Frameworks - Advising and Selection of backend and frontend technologies like language, database systems, servers etc. - Outlining all tools, algorithms, techniques and methodologies that should be used for implementation.
  4. Design User Workflow - Outline all user interaction stories - Account for an easy to use interface.
  5. Advising and Selection of web framework, web paradigms and hosting platforms.
  6. Outline all technical complexities, challenges, risks – suggest alternates.

Finalize Application Specification’s Document- The PDD (Product Definition Document) a.k.a Technical SRS (Software Requirement Specifications)

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